Thursday, 16 December 2010

directors commenatry

this is our video evaluation for our music video :) enjoy :) in 2 parts

Monday, 6 December 2010

Feedback for all on Evaluation

This is the generic feedback I have given everyone, please read it as some of it is relevant for you all.

Question One - Start by outlining the conventions of an indie music video, cite some of the examples you looked at and then discuss your own use of those conventions, illustrated by examples. You could benefit from discussing in a bit more detail the conventions of your ancillary texts and which ones you used and any you challenged or developed.
Talk about the choices you made about your engagement with the conventions of indie music videos. Also talk about how you engaged with the form of music videos, obviously it's very different from the narrative video forms you have worked on before. Also talk in detail about specific conventions you used and give examples from your texts. Talk about the video, the magazine ad and the digipak.
Question Two - on the combination of products you talk about the font and the colour design but I want you to talk more about the decision making process and how well you think these three products work as a package. Also talk about the representation of the artist in all three products, do they work in combination to communicate something specific about the artist.
Question Three - Mention all of the points at which you got feedback, pitch, rough cut, final cut, digipak and magazine ad draft and final versions etc. Also talk about peer feedback and using the class as a sample group of your target audience. In addition, talk about the feedback you received from me. Give specific examples in quotes and discuss how you responded to them individually.
Question Four - You need to flesh out this response. How did the technology limit you but also consider how it enabled you to be creative.

Analysis of Real DVD Commentaries

We watched 3 DVD commentaries from 3 films, all with different style. Funny Games was a very formal interview, with someone asking questions, and the director replying to them. The whole commentary was one scene and only one person was replying to each question. In contrast to this the commentary for An Education was lots of actors, talking about their specific roles and what they thought of each individual thing. The Bourne Ultimatum was completely different and just had the film playing with one person talking over the top. In Bourne they mostly talk about the character and why things are happening in the way they do, they give a perspective as if the whole thing is really happening, and not a made up reality. Whereas in An Education they talk a lot more about the actual production and why they did things within the production and their effect. They also talk about influences of characters location and feelings, due to the period it was set in. Funny Games is more the directors reasoning for making the film and his view on it.

The style we would like to follow is the one from An Education as this involves both footage from the film and from the actors talking.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Planning our dvd commentary

From watching other examples of similar videos we decided that we wanted to include actual clips from our video instead of only just screenshots.
we plan on filming the commentary with all the group members with in the shot and talking to each other un scripted to give the video a more friendly and less formal feel.
due to the fact we are only able to film on site an within the lesson time, finding a place to film our interviews will be hard. we want to be able to make the setting interesting enough to capture the imaginations of people watching so finding somewhere we can manipulate is key. as well as this, finding somewhere with not alot of noise is also very important.  At the moment,  we plan on using the photography studio to film our video as we can light ourselfs appropriatetly as well as being un interupted. however, we will have to see when it is free and if we will be able to use it.

we plan on covering most aspects of the video while speaking over it and as we cut between us and the video. however, when speaking about the ancillary tasks and how they realte we will have to show still images of our project while we speak. during the whole video we hope to be able to edit the song in afterwards, adjusting the volume so that the viewer can hear us speak at appropriate times. we don't really want to have questions asked to us when speaking so planning how and what we talk about and when will be key.

idealy we want to film from different angles as we spoke but due to the fact that we can only use one camera at a time, we will have to choose carefully when to cut and change to different angles. this could prove to be quite difficult but will have to work around it.

as we speak, we want to be able to edit clips of the video on top of the video of us speaking in a small box.  this will all be done with in the editing process of this video. this will mean that the positioning of where we sit will be important.

examples of other dvd commentaries


this is and example of a previous students commentary. From watching this, we realised that we much prefered seeing images or clips of either the digipack or the actrual video. this is something we would very much like to use in our own version of this. we also felt that the very long periods in which the group memeber only talked to the camera got very boring very quickly and this is something we would really like to avoid.

In this example of another students work we eally liked how they printed pictures ontop of the video of what they had done. we did however feel the same as how we did in the other video and got bored watching them just speaking at the camera. again this is something we would really like to avoid.

This is an example of a more proffesional version of the same thing done with The Strokes. In the video they speak about what happens and why in their music video. this was much more interesting than the previous two as we got to see most of the video as they spoke and their reactions to it. the use of many different camera angles also kept us much more interested than the other two. we also really liked the informal feel and style of the video as we felt it looks more like their talking with each other rather than at the camera. this are all things that we would really like to add into our own version. as well as this we also liked the fact that the song played throughout the video as we were able to get a better feel for the video and again kept us more interested in what they were saying aswell. towards the end of the video, the music and video stop playing and it continues with simply an interview with the band, however, unlike the other videos we're still interested due to the difference in camera angle and the fact that what they are saying is said in short bursts and no one person continues speaking for long enough for the viewer to get bored. during our video we want to be able to do something similar and have all of the group members in shot speaking to eachother about what we did and why.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


1) The media project that we created used a variety of conventions that are present within our bands theme, for a start our magazine ad was made with the idea of war and patriotism so we took ideas from the old war propaganda posters of "Keep Calm and Carry On" this keeps with our bands conventions as they are very political about what they sing about and that they often voice their opinions.
The music video also contained footage of war but also contained footage of politics with clips taken from a conference with Tony Blair and David Cameron, these fit in with the conventions as the war clips hone in on the songs title of "Taking Over" whereas the political clips keep in tact with the message of the song. Our digipack was made with the idea of our video in mind giving it a conventional look for a digipack,  but does not contain many conventions of the band within it.

2)I believe that the combination of our video and our ancilliary texts work very well as they complement each other in terms of style and themes, the digipack is especially liked with the video as we used clips from the video to give it a similar theme to the video, the design of the pieces were also managed in a similar way.

3) When we were given our audience feedback our footage were still under construction, however we still took what people had to say into account and mande changes accordingly, for a start we altered what the original idea for our video was and decided to make a more political message rather than a unique piece of video by trying to do something interesting. We used what we found out about our target audience in order to make a few changes to our project but not much was changed as we already had a rough idea as to what the audience of our video was going to be after studying the band in detail.

4) During the stages of our project we used a variety of diffrent forms of technology toi help us out, the most potent of these came from Photoshop and Final Cut. Photoshop was used mainly during the construction of our digipack and our poster as it has lots of diffrent tools that can be used to create diffrent effects and styles, Final Cut was also used during the construction as a way of edititing together our project syncing music with footage and adding effects like the "Bad Tv" effect that we used during the footage.


Questions 1,2) Are video is similar to political videos like Rise Against and The King Blues actual videos, we have the lead singer showing off his talents and singing in a place that represents the video, and we also included many political images and footage, like Tony Blair and David Cameron, with war footage, and other coorparations taking over the world like Tesco, Sony, Microsoft... etc. The advert has a very indie style to it, and focuses much more on the message the song is trying to get across than the actual band members. we also made sure to keep with the war theme as we used the world war poster of the Keep Calm Carry On, as this had a great impact during the war and this iconic poster is still famous today, so parodying this poster gives it a recognisable image that a consumer can relate to. The Digipack gives a rough outline of our video, so looking at the digipack you know what to expect when you put the DVD in. We decided to keep the theme of taking over throughout all 3 but especialy in the digipack, as we decided to photoshop the video onto all the TVs, the location was also pretty dark so it showed the dark undertones if the song. The taking over in the video involes the TV aswell as we made it look like straight from the start that we as the band were taking over your TV, this gives are video a new perspective and is different to the other videos. The combination of digipack, advert and video worked really well as we managed to keep strong theme all the way through, and decided that the messages the band wanted to get across should be included in our products.

Question 3) We listened to our audience a lot during the process of making of our video, Andrea and Amar both said that we needed more of the bad TV effect as it was a really strong part of our video. We also got the idea of using the bunch of coorparations flashing into shot during the chorus just to emphasise the point of Taking Over. As we researched the kind of people who listen to this kind of band would enjoy political thoughts, and controversy so we needed to keep the political theme all the way through, hence all the footage of the war and political debates. The roughcut we did, did not go down well, as the footage was bland and most of it was the footage we borrowed from other sources. However after this we got everyone to have a look and most of them agreed that it was not up to standard. However after this we managed to secure another filming date, and we managed to give our story a narrative and meaning, which most people agreed gave our video more structure and kept them watching for the full length of the song, instead of getting bored after the first minuite.

Question 4) We used a lot of different media technology, from camera's to the internet for every part of the project we had to rely on technology. The blog allowed us to store audience feedback, and any information we needed to help us out. Most importantly the new cameras allowed a very clear image, also with a long battery life we managed to record the whole thing without any delays. However before the roughcut we did have a lot of trouble with lighting, as we were going to do the video outside, but the weather and the sun was not on our side, as the sun set early and the clouds made it near impossible to get a clear shot. However in the end we managed to get permission of Tesco to film inside their store, luckily this also managed to emphasise are Taking Over message as brands and companys like Tesco are trying to take over are food industry. We also managed to get a makeshift dolly in Tesco in the form of a trolly, this gave us a steady shot throughout and made it easier to keep pace than it would of done walking. We used Final Cut to edit our footage, and found a effect called Bad TV this became the backbone of our taking over image, and gave the viewer the effect that their TV was actually playing up. It also provided a recognisable transition between scenes. For the digipack and advert we used photoshop, this provided many different effects for our ancilliary products, and gave them a distinct look instead of using a generic or boring pallet. We also managed to get all the information we needed on the products relativly easily and quickly and giving it a very professional image.


1) in what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Our project is conventional of other existing media formats in the sense that we didn't use viral or guerrilla campaigns to advertise or market our products. In fact we stuck very close to other examples of magazine ads or digipacks that we had found. as well as this we strived to keep and on-going theme through out our whole project. i feel that we did this very well as we used it in all of our products. however when designing the magazine ad, we made the conscious decision not display the band members as we felt it would clutter and stray away from the style we were trying to recreate of the 'Keep Calm And Carry On' campaign used in the world wars. On the digipack however, we did display the lead singer because we felt it would be sensible to advertise the members in one part of our campaign at least.

2) How effective is the combination of your main product and ancilliary texts?

i feel that the combination of all our products when together is very effective and works very well together as a whole. This is mainly because all of the products incorporate very similar themes as each other and therefore complement each other. the recurring themes worked very well to link all the products together as well for example the use of the bad TV effect that was initially used within the actual video and then within the digipack. As well as this, the war theme was used throughout the video and magazine ad, linking the two nicely together. The magazine ad is less obviously linked but references the 'Keep Calm Carry On' campaign.

3) What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

Initially we found that the audience feedback for our roughcut was mainly things that we knew we had to change as the first shoot we did went badly wrong. as well as this, we only really showed uncut versions of the ripped footage we had found on the internet so most peoples reactions were that we needed to use more of our own footage and shorten the durations of shots. We knew that this had to be done anyway so most feedback at that stage didn't greatly effect the way that we were planning to do anything.
However, once we had properly got into the editing of our video, Andrea and Amars comments were very usefull as they pointed out parts of the video which needed improvement and sujested things that we could add. Feedback for the Bad TV effect was all very good and all the people who had seen our video really liked the way it had been used and sujested that we could even add it in other points of the video to make longer duration shots feel shorter and look less boring. After doing this most people then said that their attention was kept throughout the video which was very good as we realised that most people will decide wether they want to watch a whole music video after watching about 30 seconds of it. People that we spoke to said they were interested in the video and what was happening so we achieved this to an appropraite extent in my opinion.

4) How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Initially blogging our ideas was very useful in the planning stages of our project as we were constantly able to add our individual ideas to it. as well as this, we were able to keep track of all the work we had done and what the next step we had to take would be.
Obviously the camera that we used greatly helped with our project as it allowed us to film it in good quality and we could upload footage we had taken on to the computer to edit.
Using Final Cut to edit our video was very useful because it allowed us to be able layer footage and add effects to what we had filmed. We also used final cut to subtly correct lighting and colour.
during the designing and making of out magasine and digipack, Photoshop allowed us to effect, alter and manipulate images that we otherwise wouldn't have been able to take with the equipment we had at our diposal.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Final Magazine and Digipack

Below is the Magazine ad and the digipack we made. we are very pleased with the final result and we feel it works really well with the visuals of the video as we have kept a strong theme of politics and the media throughout the whole of our project. We decided to keep our magazine ad very simple as to draw attention and force the person who see's the ad to do some of their own research and t find out about the band. It also keeps the theme of politics and war going as we based it on the Keep Calm Carry On posters that circulated during the war, we put our own twist on it, by having a ruined Union Jack which is blue to symbolise the band.We also kept information to a minimum so that the poster can be easily noticed from a distance.

The Digipack also symbolises the TV and politics using a few TVs and photoshopped us into them, making it look like we "took over" the TV's we had three shots from the actual video, and one of our own magazine ad. The back follows the same principal, but is mostly information about the actual DVD/CD.
13T1-48 Music Magazine AdvertFinal

13T1-48 Music DVD CoverFinal

Monday, 22 November 2010

New ideas For DigiPack and Magazine Ad

Our new ideas is to use the image of a tv with a 'Keep Calm Carry On' style poster within it, replacing the phraase with the name of the artist and the name of the dvd. We feel that this idea is stronger than the previous as it follows the recuring theme in our video of aa bad tv. We also feel that as the ' Keep Calm Carry On' was a very powerful symbol during the the war so is qiute fitting.
Picture 6
We will use this image as a tv frame and place the ad within the screen. This particular style of tv is quite fitting as it is an old style.

Sketches Of Our Ideas

These are our ideas for the magazine ad and digipack. the magzine ad is parody of the Keep Calm Carry On poster within an old style television frame. We plan on using mostly blue colours to follow the King Blues.... with emphasis on the blue...  no pun intended.

The Digipack is of a television shop window. We will fill the tv screens within with screen grabs and images of our video and the advertising campaign. we will efect all of the images with bad tv effects similar to the way we did in the video.

Added Content

We will advertise a free poster of the artwork inclusive with the digipack. We feel that this could help sell the product.


Currently we are unsure wether to use the classic 'Keep Calm Carry On' font or to use the font that The King Blues have used on their name throughout all their albums.
Picture 10
Picture 9
Picture 8
Using the 'kcco' style font makes the whole advert more recognisable as a direct referance to the orginal. Using the army style font that the band has used everytime previously adds a recognition to the art work that the fans would be farmiliar with but takes away from the recognition of the keep calm carry on style and could get confusing or not as effective.

previous students work

Picture 5

After talking about this digipack cover we feel that the font especially is very good as it stands out very well. we also like the sense of humour about the image however we feel it does not sell the artist as well as it could as we cannot see the artists face even though he is in the image.  Having said this, the poster clearly names the artist and the release dates.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Research on the Album 'Under The Fog'

Picture 44
Track Listing:
  1. "Intro"
  2. "Blood On My Hands"
  3. "Under The Fog"
  4. "Mr. Music Man"
  5. "Come Fi Di Youth"
  6. "Taking Over"
  7. "If I Had A Coin..."
  8. "Chimp In A 3 Piece Suit"
  9. "Duck And Cover"
  10. "Sound Of Revolt"
  11. "Getting Out Of Here"
was released twice, first with Household Name Records in 2006 then reissued on February 18, 2008 under Island Records.
The Album included the singles; 'Mr. Music Man' and 'Come Fi Di Youth'
Picture 34
Band Websites: and

Sputnik music gave the album 5 stars
Amazon 5 out of 5

tour dates for the album
  • 05/02 – The Barfly, London
  • 23/02 – Cresset, Peterborough
  • 24/02 – Waterfront, Norwich
  • 26/02 – Concorde 2, Brighton
  • 27/02 – Orange Box, Yeovil
  • 01/03 – Academy 2, Birmingham
  • 02/03 – Club Academy, Manchester

ideas and insperation for our own magazine advert

Picture 43
Picture 42
Picture 41

Sticking with the 'Taking Over' theme, we want to design a similar poster to the ones shown above of the 'Keep Calm And Carry On' campiagn used during the war. We feel that this idea would work quite well as it fitts the war footage used during the video.

Magazine Advert Analysis

Picture 38
This is a magazine advert for the live dvd and cd from the babyshambles. Unlike the other posters and adverts we looked at, this one does not have tour dates displayed on the poster and only gives the dates for the release of the dvd release.

Picture 39
This poster only advertises tour dates for Biffy Clyros latest tour. The ad includes art work themed throughout the whole album and only includes four tour dates.

Picture 40
The Hoosiers poster includes many more tour dates but also notes the album release dates at the bottom of the poster.

All of the posters have a theme in the artwork that continues throughout most of the album artwork as well as any other posters.

Monday, 15 November 2010

nearly complete video

We are really happy so far with the video and how far it has come sinse our rough cut. The extra footage we shot really helped the video as we had alot more footage to play with and add. The effects we used have worked really well with the video as they fit the feel and theme of the video and add a slight narative to the whole video as there is a recurring theme.


We got feedback on our piece from Andrea and Amar, they enjoyed our TV effect, but said that we should not overuse it as it may look cheesy. They said that we needed to add the logos more so it will ease you in a bit more. Also we decided we needed some sound for the opening so it doesn't seem so static. Otherwise they said we were making good progress and to carry on as we were.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Response to Roughcut Criticism

We agree with most of the responses as we also feel that the video needs more footage of the band performing and we have already planned on fixing this problem and are planning to film more performance footage this week.
Most people said they liked the slow editing and war footage as both fitted the subject matter and feel of the video. As it suited the genre and the storyline behind the bands song, and he band in general. We will definetly cut down all the spare footage we have and we are hoping to fix this problem by the end of this week.

Rough cut feedback - Goodwins Theory

Genre Characteristics - it is hard to distinguish the the genre of the song initself, but things that were put into the video did seem to fit in with the style of the music. The editing was not fast and it kept to the point of the song.
Representation of the artist - You do get to see the artist within the video but not alot. You should include more shots of the band, and also show the band obviously as during the shots you could not see the band, in which you will need to do as it is stereotypical of the band. A place you could put it in is at the begining becuase the parliment bit went on a bit too long.
Intertextuality - you do this very well as you use shots from tv (sky and ap). It is also good as these are relevant to the song and not just random, also using real shots makes it seem as if you are putting across a point, and the video does this.
Voyeurism - There was no voyeurism within the video, but this is not a bad point as it would not suit the style of the song.
Lyrics and visuals - The lyrics clearly fit in with the visuals of the songs.
Music and visuals - They video fit the music as the music was quite slow in tempo and the editing was also slow, but also there was not much to go on for example not much focus on the visuals and the music.

Lip syncing feedback

The limited ampunt of lip syncing we saw was good, but as a group we thought that more 'band time' was needed in this video, if you was to cut some of the extra inputted footage and add more of your own footage, your more likely going to get better grades.

Rough Cut - Mise En Scene

They have a very strong visual style, which is war themed, although there is a contrast to the performance footage and party scene.
The outfits being worn are not distracting  from the main concept of the video.
The guitars being played adds to the impact of the footage.

rough cut feedback - editing

The editing within this video was smooth, however the takes were often quite long and the pace is very slow for example, when looking at the shots of the soldiers and the politicians at the beginning as the audience could get bored and it would have been good to see the band more. More context at the beginning as the target market may not like the news and get mistaken and change the channel causing the audience to reduce. There needs to be more parallel editing between the band and parliment so that it engages the audience more. None of the transitions are in time with the music so you may need to think more about the music and visuals so they fit together better.

rough cut feedback - Camera work

(Finishes at 3:05.)

Could do with more footage filmed by yourselves, however the footage that was included was good as it had a contrast to the news images. Hand held camera worked well and makes the viewer feel like part of the audience. A little more variety of shot could be included. like close ups of musicians and the singer, meaning you can do your lip syncing.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Rough Cut

This is our rough cut, the long speech between Blair and Cameron will be cut down, but at the moment we don't have enough footage of the band actually playing, but when we do we will make each bit much shorter.

oh and sorry about the film going on for 6 minuites we didn't see the footage at the end.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

new setting

similar to this Radiohead video for 'Fake Plastic Trees' we hope to film in a supermarket but without the crazy colours and stuff

this video also has a similar idea but e obviously wont be able to throw food around in the same way

Problems and thoughts about the footage we filmed

while filming we experienced as many problems as we possibly could have. Our main problem however was the lighting. during the filming of the moving scenes, lighting was very difficult to move around and a lack of the natrual light that we very much depended on made the shots that were filmed un usuable.

As a result of this and after reviewing the footage that we actually did get, we have decided to drastically rethink our video. we realised that our main problem was lighting and if we do manage to get hold of a camera again this is something that we would definately have to address. as a result of this, we thought about where there is always light and came up with supermarkets. we then realised that this is quite inkeeping with the idea of 'Taking over' due to the brands and labels in a supermarket.

the idea for our second shoot would then be the singer/ performer playing a ukalele while singing and walking round a supermarket, picking up things directly relating to the lyrics with war footage cutting in at several points.

we feel that the whole idea of this video suits the political aspects of the song and equally sells the artist as much if not more than the last idea. so far this is just an idea and is subject to change.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Goodwin Points on Our Video

Selling the artist:
we feel that our video sells the artsistr very well as the main singer is constantly in everyshot and is always shown as the 'better' person in every situiation. we also feel that showing a small crowd at the end of the film shows the popularity of the group. Aswell as this, the quirky style of the video shows a friendly and quirky side of the band.

Genre Characteristics:
The band characterises themselves as indie, punk and reggae. we feel that the jolly and casual feel of the video fits in quite well with these genres. as well as this, we conformed to the indie stereotypical video style of showing the band act and perform in the video.

Visual and Lyrics:
this is most obvious in our video as almost all lyrics are litterally shown and acted out in the video.  as well as this, the bands performance and singer singing throughout the whole video is a direct link between the music and video. This will also be  shown with the tory labour people and the coke and pepsi and the leaflets at your door.

Visuals and Music
As the singer is singing the whole time, and as the ukelele and chorus is being played, the band are their playing along side. Also at the end with the guitar solo the singer is also playing the chorus.

The main reference is on the leaflets we have put the actual band on the poster so you may be able to see them as the singer in our video holds up the leaflets (like a little easter egg). There is also a slight reference to OK GO's one shot videos, as we are trying to make our video all done in one shoot.

we feel that the main voyeristic part of our video is going into someones house and watching the band play and feeling amoungst the crowd. this is not voyeurism as most typically seen in the scence that the viewer is not forced to watch something similar to a woman dancing but more the fact that the viewer is going into a persons house that they havn't been invited to and seeing a personal side of the person who owns the house.


setting for our music video

After looking at several of the bands videos we realised that most of there videos are set in a typicaly british, mundane environments, showing the working class/ middle class life of britain. Equally the views of the band support this statment as well as they feel the grovernment most obviously effects people similar to them.

Changes to the band

this is a link to one of the ex band members blog which we read to learn more about the bands background and the reasons for their changes. we read the blog and put ourselves in the position of a typical fan.
we came up with the conclusion that the bands music had changed aswell as their views since becoming slightly famous. we felt that even though now we thought differently about the band, the music that they had written after the split was still meaningful and good.

Our Target Audience

We belive that our target audience will be:
  • British
  • Male
  • Politically aware
we also found that most of the typical 'Fans' of the band seem to be very loayl to and devoted to the band. we found this after reading a blog post from a previous member of the band who had left and caused some severe changes to the bands performance and layout. we also found that fans of the band had supported both the member who had left aswell as the band saying that even with the changes to the band they still enjoied their music and would still support the band.

we agree with this in some senses as the typical 'fan' conforms to most of what is said however this i s a very exagerated representation of the style of the typical fan.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

King Blues Videos

In the video "Headbutt" we can see the video is quite basic. there are no special effects and the locations are fairly basic, like the council flat block and the quite messy kitchen. Most shots consist of the band playing, or singing. However the catch to the video is the monkey, which strangely kept us amused for most of the video, as we were really confused on why he monkey was there and what it was going to do.

The second video "I Got Love" is similar in the way of location, but this video involves shots of people by their houses, almost showing their reaction. At the end of the video the shots change to the band playing in a pub.

This video is a bit like the Ok-Go's video  as it is all done in one shot the background changes but only as the background is made out of cardboard and is switched round. This also shows shots of the whole band. People are using the props to make the whole video look more dynamic. This is also well choreographed.

Mr Musicman is different in the way it's just showing them going around the UK, showing shots of them playing at different locations as they travel.

The Bands Myspace

The bands my space sets their genre as punk, folk and reggae. They are a band from the united kingdom and have been around since 12 June 2004. They are with the Transmission Recordings, which are a Indie label.
The King Blues started off as a two man ska outfit, consisting of Jonny 'Itch' Fox playing ukulele/vocals and Jamie Jazz playing acoustic guitar and contributing vocals. Current member Jamie Jazz used to work in a music/guitar shop called Rock Around the Clock up in north London in Crouch End/Muswell Hill, however Jamie realised that in order to put The King Blues at the top, he had to leave his job. Whilst this was going on they then expanded to include a second acoustic guitar and a bassist, before again expanding to include two full-time percussion members. Their sound was initially described as "soulful ska with raw folk and a punk rock attitude".

Contacting The Bands Manager

we have emailed the bands manager to ask his and the bands permission to use their song for our video. This is a screen shot of the email that was sent.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


in the last Chorus of our song we want to recreate a similar setting to the on ein this video of Say Anything's Alive With The Gloryt Of Love
This is the house we shall use to film the video, the road ouside will be sufficiant enough for us to walk down. there is also a passage way into the garden so the band can sneak round while the singer is inside.
This is the storyboard for our music video, as the video the will mostly be one shot, the storyboard shows off the interesting points in the video.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Fake Leaflet Prop

This is a design of one of the proprs we may use, as a leaflet for the line "Knockin at your door". The leaflets advertise the band and match the lyrics with the political tone and how politicians fill your letter boxes with their own leaflets telling you to vote for them.

Monday, 4 October 2010

This is an example of a music video which only uses one shot, the whole video is well choreographed and all feels very fluid. As our idea is quite basic doing this one shot video may make it look more interesting and more professional. As this song is also got a slow pace to it, lots of quick cuts and multiple images will feel very contrapuntel to the song.

Due to the genre of the song being in the indie rock genre we can take a lot of examples of clothing from other videos, in the video Grounds for Divorce by Elbow the mise-en-scene and costume are casual, or slightly towards the smart casual style. The mise-en-scene is usually quite dark with limited lighting, and the location usually looks quite dated like the pub in the elbow video. And in the Blur video their is the rather ugly wallpaper, and also limited lighting. All 4 of the videos concentrate on the band, instead of having a narrative which the song plays over. The Wombats video has a slight story to it, but instead of using an actor to play the lead role it is the singer, it still concentrates on him and the band playing their music.

TEACHER POST - Pitch Feedback

Your idea seems relatively straightforward and simple, what will make it memorable is if you can achieve it all in one take or in something which looks like one take.
It is going to be very important that this is planned out in minute detail and storyboarded in detail.
You must also ensure your locations are sourced - include lots of images of your location.
Also consider your magazine ad and digipak - you will need to start sketching out ideas for those as soon as possible because you will need to capture the images for them whilst on set.
Good work - keep going.

Auteur Theory

Thursday, 30 September 2010

This was our photoshop practice on selling a band, it wasn't completely finished, but as you can see we have all the band members on the page. And the style of comic books is kept thorugh the whole poster to suit the indie style.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Lyrics to Taking Over :
We have the right to choose
Between Labour and Tory.
Like we have the right to choose
Between Coke and Pepsi.
No matter who you vote for
The government always win.
It's time to empower yourself
When this sinks in. And they're...

Taking over. Taking over.
Taking over again.

They're knocking at your door step
With their leaflets at the side.
Disinformation super highway
Are you coming for the ride? Now they're...

Taking over. Taking over.
Taking over again

Initial Ideas For Our Music Video

We decided to go with The King Blues - Taking over

Our initial ideas for the video are the main performer/singer is walking down a road singing the song. when the performer comes to the lyrics 'between Labour and Tory, he walks past two  people in suits, one with a red tie, one with a blue fighting and walks through them. he continues walking and similar things happen when he say 'Coke or Pepsi' he gets handed a can of either and throws them over his shoulder.  As the song then comes to the chorus we're not sure wether to either;
- cut to a shot of the band perfroming in a garden throughout the chorus
-or having the rest of the band come into shot as the performer walks down the street still
 As the next verse starts and the lyrics ' Knocking at your doorstep, with thier leaflets at thier side' the singer will knock at a door, a man will answer as the singer shoves a leaflet in thier face. the owner of the house shakes his head then the singer pushes past him and starts walking through the house. he walks past a laptop which he closes as he passes as the lyrics say 'Disinformation super highway'. he then continues walking through the house and walks into the garden where either, he walks in to the same shot as before of the band playing in the garden or a new shot of the same thing and plays the chorus with the band untill the song ends infront of a small crowd. Cheers from crowd.

the idea of having a very few shots inwhich alot of things happen is something that Ok-Go's videos have influence us to do. As they use limited shots, bt with lots of things going on in the background. The main singer is in each shot from start to finish, so the viewer will instantly recognise him. There is a narrative to go with the song and we decided to follow this in the song as shon above. The music and visuals will work together as the Ukulele will be played in the background at certain points. Also the lyrics will match as the tories and labour will be figthing and coke and pepsi will be in the video.

Location: Housing street, and into someones house
Performance Stye: Casual style no obvious dance choreographing.
Props: Pepsi/coke Ties (costume), Leaflets, Instruments (Ukulele, Drums, Bass, amps)
Casting: labour/torie members (People in suits with coloured ties) Small crowd, The band (Singer+Guitarist/Drummer/Bass/Ukulele), Person who answers door. Possibly Coke/Pepsi salesman
Effects: There will not be many effects in the video, we will use some lighting in the garden to add some atmosphere but no real special effects.
Why you think it will hold the viewers attention: Our video will keep the attention as it will follow the same style as the OK Go videos of a simple idea but with lots happening.

TEACHER POST - Blogs to include.

Please ensure that you upload the following information/products that you have produced over the first 3 weeks to your blog.

* Notes on the History of Music Video (include any examples you might find)
* 'Sell your group member'- upload the poster you created to sell your group member, explain and justify the decisions you made in relation to the target audience you had in mind.
* Include your lyrics for the song you made up to illustrate the conventions of your selected sub genre.
* Include your presentation on the Auteur you researched.
* Upload the magazine ad and digipak you designed for the unusual video you chose. Also embed the video these products are based on.

If you worked in different groups to the group you are in now still include your work.
DEADLINE: By Monday 4th October.
Please ensure you are labeling your posts with the names of the group members involved in the post

Monday, 27 September 2010

Song Choices

Initially we had 12 songs to choose from, we managed to narrow it down to 2 songs that we have the best ideas, and that we can work with and get the best results.
These songs are:
      Hot Chip - Theives in the Night
                         With this song we thought that as the synthesiser makes it sound futuristic or spacey, that we could make the video look as if they are performing their.
      The King Blues - Taking Over
                        Walking down a street.

Goodwins Music Video Analysis
Most obvious at first is the link between the music and the visuals. Everything in the video is or is at least trying to be in time with the beat of the music. One good example of this is at the beginning when the Lego arm lands on the IPod to start the music. Another example of this is at 2:30 in when the blinds get pulled up in time with the trumpet and drum sounds. This along with several other parts in the video that do actually match the visuals with the music show that Goodwin’s theory is definitely shown in this aspect of the video.
At 1:20 the music stops and instead a guitar tapping glasses to continue a song continues the music.
The genre is indie rock and so is quite quirky, this makes it more intuitive, and intact while we watched it we were paying more attention to the video than to the actual song. This also sells the artist showing that they are quite a quirky band, and friendly as with all the bright colours and how everything is so fluid.
For intertextual there are two major things, one is the Toyota advert where they use car parts to make a similar contraption. And in this very music videos. On the TV Here it Goes Again another video by ok go is playing, this sells the artist and shows another of their quirky videos. The whole set is a bit like a game of mousetrap.

  • Genre Characteristics
  • Visuals and Lyrics
  • Visuals and Music
  • Need to Sell the artist
  • Intertextuality
  • Voyerism
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